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Jan 2011

Dec 2010

Report#:  9246-10
Incident Type:  Fraudulent Activity
Date and Time:
  Reported December 10, 2010 at 1220 hrs
300 Blk Cemetery Road, Bangor, MI and 17000 Blk Green Drive, City of Industry, CA
Caller-Victim:  54 year old female from the Bangor area (did not want name to be released).
Additional Victim:
  Max Group Corporation, City of Industry, CA
Unknown at this time.

Information:  Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports that deputies were contacted by the caller in reference to fraudulent activity that she believed was occurring reference an exercise machine she was selling on Craigslist. 
     Caller advised that she and her daughter and been in email contact with an individual, claiming to be a US Marine, who wanted to purchase the exercise machine. He advised that he was sending her a large check for more that the posted selling price of the exercise machine, and wanted the caller to cash the check then send the difference to him in Nevada via Western Union. 
     Caller advised that she received the check on 12/9/10, and turned over the envelope to deputies.  Deputies found a check for $2,700.00 issued to the caller from a Max Group Corporation in City of Industry, CA drawn upon Max Group's account at Cathay Bank which is located in the same area.  The caller advised she was selling the machine for less than $100.00. 
     Deputies contacted Cathay Bank and were advised that the check, and that all checks from Max Group with check numbers of 90000 and over, were fraudulent.  Deputies also contacted Max Group and were advised that they have been contacted by numerous other individuals from all over the country who have been receiving fraudulent checks with their Corporation's bank account information and appearing to have been issued by Max Group. 
     Max Group also advised that they have been in contact with the FBI reference this matter.  Deputies made contact with agents from the Los Angeles, CA FBI field office in regards to this incident, and will be forwarding all information and evidence in this matter to them for further investigation.

Law Enforcement action taken:  This case is being turned over to the Los Angeles, CA field office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations for further investigation.
Investigating Officer:
  Deputy Raymond W. Hochsprung, Van Buren Co. Sheriffs Office.
Assisting Agency:
  Federal Bureau of Investigations Los Angeles, CA Field Office.
Supervisor Contact:
Please contact the on duty Sgt. at (269) 657-3101 or Operations Lt. Robert Kirk at (269) 657-2006 email.
Photo:  9246-10.jpg

Nov 2010

Oct 2010

Incident Number: 7814-10
Incident type:  Personal injury crash 

Date & Time:  October 16, 2010 at approximately 4:05 pm. 

Location of Incident:   46000 block of CR 687 located in Bangor Township

Vehicle information #1:  1999 Saturn passenger car
     Driver #1:  Harold Redaway a 83 year old man from Bangor, not injured
     Seat Belt Usage:  was worn by Redaway 
     Cited violation:  Harold Redaway was cited for careless driving 

Vehicle information #2:  2002 Ford explorer which had been pulling a 15 foot utility trailer.        
     Victim-pedestrian (from vehicle #2):  Lorenzo Martinez a 54 year old Bangor man. Subject was hit by the utility trailer and sustained a back injury to which he was transported by ambulance to Watervliet hospital for treatment.
     Injured passenger vehicle #2: Jesus Martinez a 15 year old Bangor boy.  Subject was a passenger in the parked vehicle hit.  Subject sustained unknown, a non life threatening injury to which was transported by ambulance to Watervliet hospital for treatment. 

Drugs or Alcohol Involved: Neither Drugs nor alcohol appear to be a factor.


Information:   Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports that Van Buren County Sheriff Deputies, along with additional emergency services personnel, were dispatched to a report of a two car personal injury crash located in the 46000 of CR 687. 
     Emergency responders on scene noted two persons injured.  Investigation into the crash discovered that a Lorenzo Martinez had been traveling northbound on CR 687, but pulled his 2002 Ford explorer to the shoulder of the roadway to attempt and fix lights on his 15 foot utility trailer he was towing.  While Lorenzo Martinez was behind his trailer, a northbound 1999 Saturn passenger car, driven by Harold Redaway, became distracted and ran into the back of Martinez trailer.  The impact pushed Martinez several feet off the road and into the grass.  A passenger in the vehicle 15 year old Jesus Martinez also was injured from the impact. 
     Both Lorenzo and Jesus Martinez were transported by ambulance to Watervliet hospital with non life threatening injuries.  Harold Redaway was uninjured in this crash, but was cited for careless driving.


Investigating Officers:  Deputy Dan Abbott. 

Assisting Agencies:  Hartford Police department, Hartford Fire department, Coloma EMS

Supervisor/Contact: Lt. Robert Kirk can be reached at (269) 657-3101 email or the on-duty Sgt. at (269) 657-3101.

Incident #:   7461-10
Incident Type:
  Lost hunters located.
  911 call made by lost hunters on October 2, 2010 at 8:47 pm.
Location:  Woods in the 59000 block of 44
th Avenue located in Bangor Township.
Hunters::  John Szymanski 63 year old man from St Clare Michigan
                  Bob Peterson 60 year old man from Garden City Michigan
                  Doug Raider Jr. 40 year old man from Allegan City Michigan
                  Doug Raider Sr.  59 year old man from Mayville Michigan

Information:  Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports that Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office Central Dispatch received a cellular 911 call from a John Szymanski stating that he and 3 other hunters were lost somewhere in the woods, this in the Bangor area. 
     Szymanski stating to dispatchers that they are not from this area and were out hunting attempting to located a deer that they had hit while bow hunting.  Van Buren county dispatchers were able to utilize GPS technology to track the phones location to the area of the 59000 block of 44th Avenue.  The conditions, at the time of report, were very dark, temperature in the high 40’s, as was the area very sparsely populated with terrain varying from swamps to heavily wooded ridges.  
     Patrol officers sent to the scene, utilized siren systems, PA systems, and spot lights to also assist with the hunters attempts to find their way out of this unfamiliar area.  Dispatchers stayed on the phone with these 4 hunters until nearly 1 ½ hours later they were located by officers out in the woods and directed to patrol cars to take them back to their camping-staging area.  All subjects were cold, and tired upon location, but were not injured or requiring any medical attention. 
     These hunters credited dispatchers directions on assisting them with finding their way out of the woods.  Attached are photos of the area to where these subjects were found by officers.

Investigating Officers: Deputy Mark Stickels, Deputy Freda Osborne, Sergeant David Walker.
Supervisor Contact: :
On-duty Sgt.,  (269) 657-3101 or Operations Lt. Robert Kirk, (269) 657-2006 or email.

Sep 2010

Aug 2010

Jul 2010

Incident #: 
5356-10 & 5365-10
Incident Type:  Warrant Arrest, Stolen Vehicle, Larceny from Motor Vehicle
Date & Time of Incident:  July 22, 2010, shortly after midnight
Location of Incident:   South Haven Twp. (stolen vehicle), Bangor Twp. (vehicle larceny)Matthew Tyler Eide 7-22-10

                Matthew Tyler Eide,  21 years old
 form Hartford Township


Marke Lee Eide 7-22-10

              Mark Lee Eide, 24 years old 
                     form Hartford Township


Both reside in Hartford Township.
Criminal charges:  UDAA  (Stolen Vehicle)      

Narrative:   Sheriff Dale R Gribler reports that Van Buren County Sheriff’s Deputies handled a stolen vehicle complaint from a South Haven Township resident. 
     While investigating the complaint, it was discovered that the vehicle had been stopped in Benton Harbor and one of the two suspects had been arrested for possession of drugs, but was released pending lab results on the drugs confiscated.  The vehicle was impounded at the time. 
     The vehicle was then later reported stolen by the owner, once he had discovered it missing.  The owner was taken to the impound lot, identified numerous items in the vehicle that were not his.  Through further investigation, it was discovered that the items were some of the items stolen from a vehicle in Bangor Township. 
     The Van Buren County Prosecutor’s Office did authorize warrants against both subjects for the stolen vehicle.  Matthew Eide was arrested yesterday afternoon, found hiding in his residence in Hartford Township, and Mark Eide was arrested through the assistance of the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office this morning on the stolen vehicle charge.  Additional charges will be sought against both suspects for larceny from a motor vehicle in the Bangor Township incident.  Matthew Eide was also on State Probation for Burglary, and a detainer was also placed on him.
     Both suspects were arraigned in 7th District Court West on the below charges.  A preliminary examination was set for August 9, 2010 at 8:30 AM in 7th District Court West.  Bond on both suspects was set at $50,000 Cash/Surety.

Act 328 of 1931

750.413 Motor vehicle; taking possession and driving away.

Sec. 413.

Taking possession of and driving away a motor vehicle—Any person who shall, willfully and without authority, take possession of and drive or take away, and any person who shall assist in or be a party to such taking possession, driving or taking away of any motor vehicle, belonging to another, shall be guilty of a felony, punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for not more than 5 years.

History: 1931, Act 328, Eff. Sept. 18, 1931 ;-- CL 1948, 750.413
Former Law: See section 1 of Act 44 of 1907, being CL 1915, § 15430; CL 1929, § 16969; Act 220 of 1917; Act 313 of 1919; and Act 50 of 1927.

© 2009 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

Investigating Officer:  Deputy Brian Matthews, South Haven Twp. Deputy Tony Evans.
Assisting Officers:  Sgt. David Walker. 
Contact Person: On duty Sergeant, Lieutenant  Robert  Kirk, or D/Lt. William Lux 269-657-3101, email

Jun 2010

May 2010

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Feb 2010

Jan 2010

Incident#:  800016-10.Robin Koshar
Incident Type:
   Warrant Arrest, Possession of Marijuana.
Date:   January 15, 2010 at approx 5:30pm
Location:  65000 Blk of CR 376, Bangor Township, Van Buren County
Arrested:   Robin Koshar, 38 yr. old female, Hartford MI
Date of warrant:  August 2006
Warrant Information:  
     1) Felony Warrant for Probation Violation, original charge possession of  methamphetamine out of Van Buren County Sheriff's Office.
     2)  Felony Warrant for Dangerous Drugs, 3rd degree controlled substance out of Rice County Sheriff's Office, Minnesota. 
Date of warrant:  November 2006  (Pending Extradition). 

Information:  Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Narcotics Unit have been attempting to locate Koshar, who has been living out of state for the last couple of years.  Narcotics detectives have received information from a local law enforcement agency, that they have  investigated a meth lab, where Koshar may have been present.  A possible description of Koshar and her vehicle were passed on to the Van Buren County Narcotics Unit.
     Detectives were able to locate the suspect vehicle in the 65000 Blk of CR 376, in Bangor Township, and set up surveillance.  At approximately
, detectives observed the suspect vehicle leave a residence.  Narcotics detectives surveilled the vehicle, calling out the vehicle location to marked patrol units.  The vehicle was finally stopped in Watervliet, by Bridgman MSP and Berrien County Sheriff's Dept. and Koshar was taken into custody without incident.  A small amount of marijuana was located during the search of the vehicle. 
     Koshar was transported to the VBC jail and lodged. 

Anyone with information can contact the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office at (269) 657-3101, Crime Stoppers 1-800-342-7867, Silent Observer (269) 343-2100 or your local Police Department.

Assisting Agencies:   Van Buren County Sheriff's Office Uniform Response Division Berrien County Sheriff's Department, MSP - Bridgman Post, Watervliet Police Dept.
Investigating Detectives:  Van Buren County Narcotics Unit.
Supervisor Contact:  Bryan R. Stump D/Lt, (269) 657-3101 Ext 208, email.

Incident #:   223-10
Incident Type-Arrest charges:

     #1:  Breaking and entering residence
     #2:  Fleeing and eluding police
     #3:  Possession of firearms by a convicted felon
     #4:  Carrying a canceled weapon
     #5:  Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of narcotics
     #6:  Larceny of mail
     #7:  Possession of methamphetamine
Date and Time:   January 8, 2010 at approximately 4:45pm
 Residence break in was investigated by deputies in the 38000 block of CR 681 located in Bangor Township.
Arrested:  A 24 year old Bloomingdale man (name withheld pending arraignment in South Haven district court).
Vehicle #1:   1996 Isuzu rodeo 4 wheel drive SUV
Recovered stolen property:   3 handguns, clothing, toys , flat screen TV, mail, and other miscellaneous items
Recovered-seized narcotics:  Methamphetamine

Information:   Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports that Van Buren County Sheriff deputies, while on patrol, were flagged down by a subject while in the 38000 block of CR 681.  The subject stated to deputies his home had just been broken into. 
     Deputies, during the course of the investigation, were able to obtain information from this subject, and other witnesses, a partial description of the suspect and the vehicle this subject was operating at the time of theft.  Van Buren County Sheriff detectives in the area did note a vehicle matching the description given traveling back roads southwest of Bangor cities limits.  Detectives called out this vehicles direction of travel to uniformed officers who proceeded to the location in attempts to stop this vehicle. 
     Bangor city officers did come upon the suspect vehicle and attempted to stop it, to which the suspect failed to yield leading officers on a pursuit distance of 2-3 miles.  The suspect vehicle then proceeded into a apple orchard into deep snow nearly 100 yards off the road until it got stuck.  Its driver, who was the single occupant, fled on foot from the motor vehicle into the heavily wooded wetland area.   
     A Michigan State police K-9 unit and Van Buren County Sheriff deputies gave chase.  The suspect was tracked and apprehended by officers nearly a
1/2 mile from his vehicle in the heavily wooded area without further incident. 
     The suspect was found to have on his person suspected methamphetamine.  Further investigation discovered stolen guns, mail and other miscellaneous within this suspect’s vehicle. 
     Investigators further investigation discovered that the suspect had broken into homes both in Allegan and Van Buren county this date. 

Investigating officer:
 Van Buren County Uniform Response Division and Van Buren County Detective Bureau.
Assisting personnel:
  Michigan State Police and Bangor City Police.
Supervisor contact:
On Duty Sergeant or Lt William Lux at 269-657-3101 email.

Complaint #:
Incident Type:  Personal Injury Crash.
Date and time:  1-2-10 approximately 2230 hrs.
Location:  59010 26th Avenue, Bangor Township.
Weather:  Approximately 3 degrees, several inches of snow
Suspect:  59 year old Bangor man.
Injuries:  Head Trauma.  Treatment for extended exposure to the extreme temperatures and frigid water.
Vehicle: 1994 Red Chevy Pickup. 

   Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports that Deputies were dispatched to a call where a man was reportedly laying down in a ditch unresponsive. 
     Upon arrival it was found that the subject was on private property and was laying near his truck with his upper torso on the embankment of a ravine while his lower half was laying in the frigid water of the creek. 
     Deputies along with Bangor Quick response lifted the motionless subject up out of the water and onto the near bank of the creek.  The subject was then hoisted up out of the ravine where medical treatment started upon the arrival of the ambulance. 
     During the course of the investigation it was found that the subject had driven his full size pick-up truck down his driveway, however, was unable to make the sharp  bend and continued on straight into the ravine.  The subject had already driven another vehicle off the driveway getting it lodged in the snow, prior to driving the pick up into the ravine. 
     The subject was transported to South Haven Community Hospital where he was then Air Lifted to Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo.
     Alcohol is believed to be a factor.   Charges will be filed with the Van Buren County Prosecutors Office upon the receipt of blood results.

Assisting Agency::   Bangor Quick Response.
Investigating Officer: : Deputy Kyle Romeo.

Supervisor Contact:: Sergeant Scott Schmitt (269) 657-3101 email


Dec 2009

Incident #: 9689-09
Incident Type: Suspected Arson.
Date and Time:  December 18, 2009 at 9:16 PM.
Location: 61064 CR378 in Bangor Township.
Suspect:  Unknown at this time.

Information:  Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports that Deputies were dispatched to 61064 CR378 in Bangor Township for a house that was reported to be on fire.
      Upon arrival on scene, Deputies attempted to determine if the residence was occupied or not, but, due to the fire and the smoke, were unable to initially determine this. The Bangor fire department also responded to the scene and did extinguish the fire.
     After the fire was extinguished it was determined by the Bangor fire department that nobody was inside of the residence at the time of the fire. According to the Bangor fire department it appeared that four separate fires had been started inside of the house.
     The State Fire Marshall was also contacted to do a further investigation into this fire.

Assisting Personnel and Agencies:  Deputy Oliver, K9 Sergeant Schmitt Michigan State Police, Bangor Fire Department, South Haven Fire Department and Hartford Fire Department.
Investigating Deputy:  Deputy Stolsonburg.
Supervisor Contact: Contact the on duty Sergeant at 269-657-3101

Nov 2009

Oct 2009

Incident #:  8142-09
Incident Date and Time:  October 20, 2009
Incident Type:  Personal Injury Crash
Location: CR 681 near CR 376 in Bangor Township.
Vehicle #1:  1990 Pontiac Grand Prix
 Driver #1:  Shannon Jaco, 24 year old out of South Haven.
Injuries:  Taken to South Haven Hospital with minor cuts, treated and released.
Passenger:  Navaeh Cross, female 4 year old daughter of Shannon Jaco, no injuries.
     Seat Belts and Child Seat:  Yes
Vehicle #2:  2006 Kenworth Semi with a load of asphalt.
Driver #2: Thomas Edward Sobiewski, 51 years old out of Decatur, no injuries.

Information:   Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports that Deputies were dispatched to a car-semi personal injury crash with the car rolling over. 
     When Deputies arrived on scene, the Ambulance personal had Jaco and her daughter out of the car and giving first aid.  While investigating the scene it appeared that Jaco was southbound and the semi was northbound.  Deputies noted in the investigation that the semi had attempted to avoid the crash by leaving the roadway and nearly rolling over. 
     Deputies asked Jaco what had happened and she advised that she fallen asleep, crossed the center line, striking the semi and then lost control, rolling her car into a corn field. 
     Talking to Sobiewski, he advised that he was northbound. The car started coming into his lane, so he attempt to avoid the car by leaving the roadway, going partially into a ditch almost rolling the semi over. 

Assisting Agencies:  Assisting at the scene was Coloma Ambulance, Bangor Fire Department and the Michigan State Police.
Crash Investigator:  Sgt. Wayne Polomcak.
Contact Personnel:  On Duty Supervisor (269) 657-3101 or Lt. William Lux (269) 657-2006, email.

Incident Type:  Personal Injury Crash.
Incident #:
Date and Time:
 October 17, 2009 at 8:47 PM.
 62nd Street and 39th Avenue, Bangor Township.
 Frankie Bailey 49 years old, Gobles.
 Bailey sustained multiple injuries from the collision and was transported by Air Care to Bronson Methodist Hospital.
  2002 Ford Taurus.
Seat Belt:
  Bailey was wearing a safety belt at the time of the collision.
Alcohol Involvement:
 It is unknown, at this time, if alcohol is a factor.

Sheriff Dale R. Gribler reports that Deputies were dispatched to 38941 62nd Street in Bangor Township for a one vehicle rollover crash.  It was reported that the driver was trapped inside the vehicle.
     It appeared that Bailey was traveling southbound, and had traveled too fast into the curve at 62nd Street and 39th Avenue, when he lost control and went off of the roadway. Upon arrival on scene, deputies noted that the vehicle was on its top and had one occupant inside that did not appear to be moving. The driver, Bailey, was breathing but was unconscious. Deputies, along with Bangor Fire personnel, removed Bailey from the vehicle through the back window that was broken out. Bailey was transported from the scene by Air Care to Bronson Methodist Hospital for medical treatment.
     The investigation remains open at this time.

Investigating Deputy:  Deputy Stolsonburg.
Assisting Personnel:
 Deputies Oliver, Matthews, and Coles. Trooper Meder and Cell. Officer Scuiletti.
Assisting Agencies:  Bangor Fire Department, Coloma Ambulance and Air Care.
Contact Person:  On Duty Supervisor 269-657-3101.

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